Planning and organising your packing is one of the crucial steps to ensuring a stress free move to the LS2 area, and staggering your packing is a great way to this. However once you arrive at your new home, the unpacking can sometimes be the last thing you want to do. By making sure you have an essentials box handy, you can give yourself a quick break, and have everything you need to freshen up and get revitalised before starting to unpack. Below are some things that should be included in any essentials box.

Kitchen items

Before you pack everything in your kitchen for the move, set aside at least one cooking pot, a frying pan, and one set of cutlery per person. You should also include some mugs or drinking glasses too. Essentially, you want all the basics that will allow you to make tea and cook a simple meal when you arrive. Food-wise, tins of soup or frozen leftovers are a good option, as you probably won’t be sure what eating options there are in LS2 initially. You don’t want to be cooking up a 3 course dinner, of course, so anything that you can quickly fry or cook in a pot is the best choice. Having some food and a quick rest once you’ve arrived will mean you will be reinvigorated and ready to tackle the bulk of the unpacking.

Bedroom items

Taking a change of clothes is advisable, because you’ll most likely be feeling a bit grimy from all the lifting and packing, and if you don’t finish your unpacking on moving day, which is quite likely, then it can be handy to have a change of clothes for the next day or two. You could also include some very basic bedding, such as a thin duvet and pillows, if you don’t want to start unpacking the rest of the bedding straight away.

Bathroom items

Taking everything you would normally include for a hotel or overnight stay is the best idea. Things such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, a few towels and any other toiletries that you use regularly. This will enable you to freshen up once you’ve arrived, and have everything you need ready for the next morning instead of having to unpack lots of boxes to find some shampoo and so on.

Other useful things

If you have a laptop, it can be useful to bring that along in the essentials box too, as if you have the internet connected at your new home you can use it to watch TV while you take a break and eat. If you have children, then try to bring along a few of their favourite toys so they have something to play with while you start the unpacking and get their bedroom ready. If moving with a pet, then make sure to pack a few tins of pet food and some bedding for them, plus a toy or two. Most pets will want their bed available as soon as possible to help them get settled.

In general then, you want to fill your essentials box with things that are in everyday use, and that you will need before you unpack everything else. By doing so, you can give yourself a break and enjoy your new home while having some food and freshening up. This will make the rest of the unpacking seem a lot more manageable and enjoyable. Also, you can take your time, as you have everything needed for day to day living at hand, so can unpack at your leisure. It can also save you having to scour the LS2 are for shops that have things you have already packed but don’t have to hand.

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