Hiring your own removal van has a lot of ups and downs, and it will be part of a much larger series of potential issues. If you are concerned that you are not going about these things in the right way, then it is imperative that you are able to get the whole thing sorted in a way that you are comfortable with. In order to help you make decisions about the process of hiring a removal van and doing a move yourself, you should have a look over the pros and cons as follows…


A self hired removal van will be a great way to have a little independence on your removal, and you will find that being able to work to your own time frame will be a great way to make the whole job a lot more relaxed. The fact of the matter is that the logistical processes that go in to a move can be tight with a removals company, as they are looking to get it all done within a day. This way, you can likely spend a few days getting the move done, as renting a van is not too expensive.

The money side of things is obviously a big bonus as well, as there will be reduced costs for having the tam form the removals company. Van rental is not a lot per day, and you will find that if you can drive it safely yourself, you will be saving a load of cash as compared to a man and van service. Being free to o things in a calm and considered way will mean less panic over all, and that you can almost have fun with it! Get some friends involved, and ensure that you do things how you want to, not worrying about keeping the removals company happy!


You will find that with the freedom of driving your own removal forward comes a great responsibility. There is a lot riding on the removal going well, and handling that pressure correctly will be a big part of the job going smoothly. You will find that there is a huge amount to say for ensuring that there is nothing that can go wrong, or that would compromise the safety of the contents of your home, or the people who are helping you to move them, and taking on that as a responsibility can be a big deal.

Organizing the logistical aspect of the removal is a big deal as well, and it can be really hard to get everything to work in sync. Even if you are afforded a more relaxed move, having to be in charge of getting things sorted can make it even more stressful, and you may wish that you had just hired a removals company in the first place!

When it comes to driving the thing itself, you need to be pretty well versed in the ways of the van and the Ways of the road. Ensuring that the van is going to fit through gateways, and down drive ways is one thing, but being able to reverse it around a tight corner without damaging it or anything else is going to be a lot harder if you are not prepared or experienced enough! You will find also that the safety of the people around you is a massive thing to take on, and driving them in a vehicle that you are not necessarily used to can be an issue.

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