This is our first time moving house, and LeedsRemovals were so good about answering our questions and making sure we felt comfortable. Was really appreciated as we were very nervous.

  • Kane and Gil
  • 03Apr 2019

The booking team who I first spoke with were really very helpful and explained everything to me before giving me a free quote. Unfortunately we didn't need a removals company in the end, but I 100% would have chosen LeedsMovers if I did, and will use them when I finally do move.

  • S. Harlington
  • 18Jan 2018

Removal Company helped out with everything. They did the unpacking when I arrived at my new place. Every aspect of the process was completed to a high standard. The moving service was cheap too, which just added to the splendour of the service.

  • L. Appleton
  • 06Nov 2017

If anyone is on the move make sure you hire LeedsRemovals. This company were great and delivered an all-inclusive service that covered everything from packing, loading and delivery, to unloading and unpacking, all for a great price.

  • Paul Waters
  • 21Apr 2016

Moving to a new office is stressful to say the least and I know I can't do it alone. I know I can't ask my friends either because the last time I did that it ended up going badly wrong. This time I chose Leeds Removals Company for professionally handling my office removals. Thank god I did! My move from start to finish was smooth and simple thanks to these guys. The movers were so efficient, hard working and never stopped once. In next to no time, all of my office equipment was delivered to my new office. Well recommended.

  • David Sheffield
  • 21Dec 2015

So last month I moved back to my homeland and was delighted to discover that Leeds Moving Services perform international removals at a very decent rate. Initially unsure about how I was going to move my huge book shelf, and all the books that sat on it, I consulted a friend who was full of praise for the company. So glad I took his advice and made the call! The best I could have asked for.

  • B. Gulfisson
  • 24Jun 2015

The last time I moved flat I was hugely disappointed with the van hire package I booked. The van was way too small for most of my furniture and was really dirty and out-dated. LeedsRemovals on the other hand, offered a great van hire deal which let me choose my ideal van size and pick it up at a time that suited me. The van was spotless inside and out and was a perfect for my furniture and clothing.

  • Kathleen Potter
  • 06Jan 2015

My husband was relocated to Glasgow and we had to move out of our London home. Seeing how we had lived here for 25 years, there was so much stuff to move. Even though we knew we had to use a moving company, we were apprehensive about the safety of our goods while they were on the road. Thanks to LeedsRemovals, our possessions were transported securely and loaded and unloaded safely. They even assembled it in our new home.

  • Emma H.
  • 03Dec 2014

I used LeedsRemovals to pick up the majority of my books and deliver them to my partners address cross country. They turned up in excellent time - at what was quite short notice! - and loaded the boxes up with great care. I was impressed by the fact they didn't rush the loading and took due care with the cargo.

  • Sarah T.
  • 04Nov 2014

I couldn't be happier with the removal van that I hired from LeedsRemovals. I found the van to be in excellent condition and it was a fantastic size too. The staff that I dealt with were all very professional, knowledgeable and courteous, and I was very happy with the customer service. I really enjoyed using this service and I was also more than pleased with the price, which I found to be a lot cheaper than many other companies. Good job!

  • Dean Harris
  • 07Oct 2014

I have to tell you that when I stumbled upon Movers Leeds online, I did not know what to expect and was even somewhat skeptical about whether everything they promised would be delivered. I wanted to arrange my daughter's move to London, and you can imagine how stressed I was. I spoke with a customer representative on the phone, and we discussed all the details for quite a long time. I was assured that there was no reason for any of my fears. It was clear to me that I found what I have been looking for - a reliable and flexible removal company, ready to meet our needs while not charging a fortune. Such qualities are hard to find nowadays and that is why I can't stop recommending them to my friends! Great company is the least I can say!

  • Rebecca
  • 14Oct 2012

A high level of professionalism along with a friendly attitude and flexibility are just some of the features that I can point to when talking about my experience with Leeds Removals. I hired them to help me with a very tough job, which I would never have been able to do on my own - moving from the fifth floor in my old building in Leeds to an 11th floor flat in London. The movers did a huge amount of work for me, not to mention that they turned up on time and gave me no reason to wonder whether my belongings would be safe or not. Well done! You get a high recommendations from me!

  • Ray
  • 12Oct 2012

Nothing seems to be too much trouble for the hard-working guys from Removal Company! The huge amount of stuff I had them pack for me was truly frightening, so you can imagine how worried I was before calling the professionals. But from the moment I made the first call until I saw the amazing results and how neat and protected my belongings were when arranged in the moving vans and heading to my new home in Leeds, I was really satisfied. And I, would not be saying it here if I was not truly happy with my choice, so thanks again Removal Company!

  • Zhao-Wu
  • 09Oct 2012

My experience with this company was when I moved from Berkshire to Leeds. I did my research online and after receiving their reasonable and prompt quote, I was ready with my choice of removal company. And I was not wrong because their affordable and excellent service is totally worth it. I would hire them again without any hesitations. The two movers who came right on time on the day of the move worked so hard to get everything loaded onto the moving lorry, drove it to Leeds, and unpacked it all for me. I would not know what to do if I could not rely on these professionals, and that's why I'm saying thanks to everyone who contributed to my successful move! You're great!

  • Melanie Foxx
  • 05Oct 2012

I have no hesitations in recommending Moving Company because the friendly and efficient service I received when I approached them was really on point. I hired them for a relatively small moving job, and I just wanted some extra stuff picked up from my home and transported and stored at their storage facilities. Initially, I was not sure about leaving my things in storage, but I was unable to do it myself at the time, so I took the chance and don't regret it at all. We communicated the entire time and every single detail was discussed in advance.

  • Campbell
  • 03Oct 2012

The man and van services were certainly a better alternative to moving on my own! The mover from your company was helpful and hard-working, so thanks to him everything seemed easy and quick, and my relocation to Devon was really something that I will have great memories of! Thank you so much for your amazing and very affordable service!

  • Sam Peel
  • 01Oct 2012

Thanks to your company I had a successful international move to Leeds! We had been planning to emigrate from Poland for a long time to look for new opportunities in England. My wife was postponing the move because she was never ready with all the planning and scheduling, but once we turned to the professionals and received their help and guidance about everything related to our relocation, we were all set.

  • R. Kowalski
  • 29Sep 2012

The friendly, helpful and personal, but also very efficient service I got from Leeds Movers is the reason I highly recommend this removal company. The entire move, including all the preparations, transportation and unloading was done very professionally. The communication about any small details that came up during the day, as well as the crew's flexibility in solving situations was remarkable. You have my recommendation!

  • Wang-Li
  • 27Sep 2012

I approached Removals Leeds needing professional help for my move from Leeds to Somerset. My expectations were that everything would be really stressful, but happily, the hard-working movers proved me wrong. They were punctual and kept everything moving according to our agreement. No disappointments on my side and I certainly will use their services again in the future.

  • Rosa de Leon
  • 24Sep 2012

My experience with Leeds Removals was truly fantastic! Especially given the fact that this was my first time moving to Leeds and overwhelmed with everything about my first year at uni and moving out of my parent's house, I would have been lost without the professional help and assistance I received from the friendly staff. Thanks to all of you who helped me feel so welcomed in my initial days!

  • Marc
  • 20Sep 2012

Removals Leeds impressed me in a major way, and that is why I am leaving positive feedback here! I never expected that such professional services could be had for the affordable prices they offered me when I first called requesting a quote. After we set everything up for the day of the move from our old place in West Yorkshire to the house we bought in Leeds, I was sure that no mishaps would occur. And I was right. We purchased all the packing materials after receiving an assessment. I felt really relieved to have such professionals helping me. That's why, one again, thanks to everyone who helped us from the very beginning! You are the best removal company!

  • Mrs. and Mr. Prier
  • 17Sep 2012

I found this company online when I was trying to find the most efficient way to arrange my family move from Denmark to West Yorkshire, UK. Reliable, friendly and affordable are just some of the great words I can use to describe the professionals from this removal company. Unlike the other companies I approached, Leeds Removals was prompt with the answers of all my questions. My requests about the entire move and regarding anything from the proper packing to shipping were taken into very serious consideration, so no mishaps occurred. Thanks a lot!

  • G. Andersen
  • 13Sep 2012

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