Six Steps Towards a Successful LS1 House RemovalIn order to prevent your move become a stress filled nightmare, you can start getting prepared early and planning a few months in advance. This will help take a lot of pressure come moving day, as if you follow the six steps below you should have most of the packing done and a removal company ready and booked.

Create a moving plan and checklist

Before you start packing, draw up a moving checklist a few months in advance of moving day. Write down everything you need to get done, and give yourself some deadlines which you should try and stick to. Try to create the checklist so that you can cross something off it every day, no matter how small. This will all add up and by the time moving day arrives you should have done almost everything except packing the last minute essentials.

Organise your packing

This can be done in tandem with your moving checklist, and you can start packing a few months in advance. You’ll want to start with the least used items in your house first, things such as valuables for example, and slowly work your way towards packing the everyday things closer to moving day. The advantage of packing this way is that you won’t be rushed, so can make sure everything is packed properly, and avoid the stress of any last minute packing.

Label your boxes

As you pack, make sure you label all boxes clearly with contents and what room you want them in. Once the unpacking starts, it will simply be a case of unloading the boxes straight to the right room they need to be unpacked in. This will save you loads of time when unpacking and make unpacking as a whole less of a chore, as everything will be where it needs to be, which avoids having to shift boxes of things around your new home after you’ve unloaded.

Make a rough floor plan

When visiting your new home, try to draw up a rough floor plan. It doesn’t need to be exact, the idea is to give you and your LS1 removal company some guidelines as to where you want you heavy furniture and household items placed. Getting the fridge and beds in the spot you want them in right away straight off the LS1 removal van will save you time and energy later, as you won’t have to start shifting heavy furniture around on your own.

Choosing a removal company

Before you make any solid choices, ask friends and family (especially if they have moved house in the LS1 are recently) about any local LS1 movers they would recommend. Word of mouth can be a great way of finding a reliable moving company, and you can get some honest feedback about their service too. You should try to get about three companies you are considering, and contact them all for quotes, going with the one that seems best value for money.

Pack an essentials box

This can be done on or just before moving day, but will be a welcome sight after you’ve unloaded everything into your new home. Basically, you want to make sure you have everything you need to have something to eat, freshen up, and possibly sleep in one box that you can keep close at hand during the move. This should be the first thing you unpack, so you can have a drink, something to eat and revitalise yourself before tackling the rest of the unpacking.

Price your move

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