It can often seem cheaper and easier to do as much of your relocation as possible yourself. This can certainly be true, as you can often make savings by packing yourself, and hiring your own LS11 van. That said, every move is different, and sometimes it can be more beneficial for you to hire a local LS11 removal company. Value for money and advantages often depend on the size and distance of your move, so below are some examples which option might be best with reference to different moving scenarios.

Long distance or very large moves

If you plan on relocating a long way from the LS11 area, then it may be best to consider using professionals. Your move will probably take more than a day, so as most removal companies charge daily rates, you should be getting good value out of the service. Also, a long distance drive is tiring, and combined with hiring, picking up and loading the van yourself, could be quite stressful and end up taking longer than expected. By hiring professionals, you won’t have to worry about the loading and unloading, so can focus simply on getting to your new home.

Again, if you have a very large amount of heavy furniture and other household items, professionals may be the best choice. Lifting and loading furniture will require a few people at least, and even then you run the risk of injury. Local movers in LS11 will be rained in heavy lifting and loading, so will be much faster at getting these items loaded than if you try yourself.

Overall, for any long distance or large family move, your best bet will be to hire a removal company, ideally local to LS11 if possible. Although perhaps a bit more costly than doing the move yourself, you’ll find that having professional movers will take a lot of the pressure off when moving day arrives.

Inner city or small moves

If you’re moving to another part of LS11, or to a new home that is within a couple of hours travelling distance, then you may find it more beneficial to hire a van and do the move yourself. Another possibility is making use of a man in a van. These services are ideal for small or local moves, because they will only charge you by the hour, and you also get an extra pair of hands to help with the loading and unloading. The same can be said for a small move. Although you can also hire and drive the van yourself, it can be helpful having someone who might know the area better than you, and also you won’t have to worry too much about wearing yourself out loading and driving.

The advantage of moving yourself is that you can be a little more flexible with your moving schedule. If things end up running behind, then you don’t have to worry too much about costs mounting up for unused services. Also, if you happy packing your own vehicle, then you have the peace of mind that all your things will be treated appropriately, which can sometimes be overlooked by larger LS11 moving companies when you have lots to pack.

Overall then, for smaller moves you can certainly get the LS11 move done yourself, although it will often be advantageous to have the number of a man in van handy if you need extra space or help.

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