We all know that when you are moving house, bad weather can stop play pretty quickly. Moving all of your items from inside to outside can be made a seriously difficult task by the rain, and when things get slippy underfoot, it sometimes isn’t as safe as it perhaps should be. For this reason, the summer is the ‘peak’ removals season, and for this reason, the cost of removals during the summer can get a lot more expensive, even if you are booking well in advance. Booking your removals in the winter can mean great savings if you are moving office around that time, as you will benefit from the removals companies having less work. This also means that you can take your pick of the companies around your office, as they will all be looking for work to book up their coming weeks. It is still recommended that you book well in advance, as you may miss out on savings and availability on your dates should you book too late, but there is far more likelihood of everything going smoothly in the winter.

Knowing this, you will want to make sure that you are prepared for the worst, as in order to make such savings, you will be needing to deal with the risk of bad weather that could turn your office removal in to a mud fight! You removals company should be fairly well prepared, with decent non-slip boots, and gloves to keen the grip on items that may get wet. You should confer with your removals company as to how they will be prepared for bad weather, as if they are not, and then the elements could take their toll on your items. There are ways to protect your move against bad weather without the company’s help, so let’s have a look at preparing your office supplies for a winter move.

Firstly, give some thought to that which is most at risk from weather damage. Obviously cardboard boxes are not waterproof, but they will stand up to a light shower. The main thing to protect is the bottom; if the box is placed in a puddle, it will soak water in through the bottom without anyone noticing, as it will not mark the visible parts of the box. Protect against this by taping bin bags to the bottom of your boxes, as these will be waterproof. If you have machines like computers or photocopiers that are not boxed, then make sure they are also well covered with something waterproof, as any moisture will completely ruin such items.

Make sure to put down protection throughout your house in the form of plastic sheeting. This is something that may be supplied by a removals company to protect against dirty boots being trampled through the building. In order that the move go ahead efficiently, the workers cannot take their boots off when they enter the property, so this sheeting should prevent any dirt being trodden in. However, in rainy or, god forbid, snowy conditions, the amount of mud and water that can be brought in will increase significantly, so extra sheets will make this problem less of a nightmare, and easily fixable!

Making your move happen in the winter can be a bit of a risk, but the savings can be well worth the potential problems if you are well prepared for your office move.

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