When you’re embarking on a serious LS1 removal, you will want to be avoiding as much stress as possible, as there is plenty to come with a task of this size. There are a few ways to de-stress your life on the coming of an LS1 removals day, but the best way to make sure that you are not doing more work than you need to be is to ensure that you are only packing and moving that which you actually use and want to keep. Letting the house get a bit cluttered is very easy, and it is only really at the points of upheaval like a move that such things get sorted, so you should give yourself a fair bit of time to get rid of things before you go about planning your move, as otherwise everything will be more expensive than it should, and you will only have to do all the work at the other end of the move. We’ll have a look at ways in which you can go about de-cluttering your place without it being too much of an intrusion into your life.

Perhaps the easiest way to do this process of purifying your belongings into only those that you really want is to have a ‘throw out’ pile whilst you are packing. This will mean that you can just chuck those bits and pieces that you are completely sure that you do not want into the pile as you pack those more important belongings into their boxes. This may divide opinion within families however, as some may be more attached to things than others, and whilst you need to be efficient, it is always best to keep the emotional connection that children may have to things. You need to give a great deal of thought to how much of the attachment is due to the horror of throwing something away, and how much is through actually using that item a lot…

For more expensive items, have a look at the kinds of prices that they are going for on ebay, as such sites can be a great marker for the value of said items, and you will be able to see the prices that people have paid recently for them. If your items are particularly specialist, then you may want to go to an auction house and get them valued specially, so that you know their full worth. Be aware however, that at some points, the auction may not swing in your favor, and you may not get the price that the item is estimated to be worth.

Car boot sales are a great way to get rid of large amounts of junk at one time. If you are not particularly bothered about getting the exact worth returned, then you can price everything quite low, and just get rid of everything for a little money. This is obviously better than paying for landfill, and is more useful that just recycling or dumping things, as well as being better for the environment. Make sure that no one in your immediate area wants any of your items before you ship them out anywhere however, as this could save you money still. Check with your extended family, and then perhaps have a yard sale, which can be advertised in the area to ensure that as many people come as possible.

Getting rid of your Clutter will make your LS1 house removals twice as easy, efficient, and cost effective, so don’t delay!

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