If you are the type who wants to avoid getting anything broken during your removal, then there is quite a lot that you can do to ensure that you are in a good place in advance of the move. Most people will have a removals company that help them with shifting everything safely, but even if you do, then you may have things that you are concerned about that they may not have realized are an issue. Flat pack furniture can be one of these problems, and even non-flat pack furniture that can be taken down in some way can also be an issue. Unfortunately for lovers of cheap furniture, flat pack items will rarely be strong enough to resist the physical strain of being moved. The issue usually revolves around the joints on the piece, where the movement of the object will strain the fixings, and lead to tearing or bending or the materials used to make the furniture. You will find that you can gain a good deal of time on the day by having things dismantled and ready to go as a more condensed unit, rather than trying to carefully lift things in to the van without flexing them too much, which can be an issue in and of itself.

You will find that going around the house, there are a surprising amount of things that you can do to reduce the size, weight and difficulty with which an item can be moved. If you have a large triple wardrobe that needs to be moved through the house, then you need to reduce the weight as much as possible, and to make the shape of it as streamlined as possible. Whilst some wardrobes will be easy to take apart completely, older items will not, and there may only be a couple of things that you can do. You will find that taking the doors off of a wardrobe will reduce the weight considerably, as well as making it a lot easier to maneuver in safety, as you will be less at risk of having the doors slam on your fingers! Removing the doors will also open up the number of different place at which you can hold on to the unit, and you will find that you can get it moved a lot easier. Taking ay drawers out of a piece of furniture will also help with this, as they are often placed in hand hold positions and will be rather heavy if made from solid materials.

You will find that there are some ways in which you can take older items that are not necessarily meant to be taken apart down, as long as you are present to put them back together. Sometimes an item just won’t fit in to a space, and you need to reduce its size by breaking it down. A table may come away from its legs, or you can remove the casters from a sofa, just to get it round that last corner. You need to be certain that everything will go back in to place however, as otherwise you will likely end up with a situation where you have ruined a piece of furniture, and all of that effort will have been in vain! If you are removing parts from a piece of furniture, or flat packing an item, then it is wise to get everything from the process wrapped up in cling film, like the screws and hinges, and taped to the piece itself, for safe keeping. Be careful that they don’t get knocked off though!

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