Moving from London to Leeds

Moving from London to Leeds

05 September 2014

Moving to the outskirts of Leeds is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You may find that the centre of the city is too busy to raise a family in, or you may decide that you do not really want to deal with how expensive everything seem to be all of a sudden! The recession will push more and more home owners out of the city, while tax laws in Europe, particularly France, has meant that many are leaving their countries to set up home in one of the world’s cultural capitals, enjoying much easier tax breaks, and driving house prices up. Moving out of the capital may be an exciting idea therefore, but you will soon come to the realization that your house removal may well not be an easy task, so take a look at our hints and tips page for a smooth and easy move.

Firstly, get your head around your Leeds removals company. There are so many companies to choose from, that it may seem particularly daunting, but choosing one from your locality is a good way to start, as things will be much quicker and cheaper if they are based near you. Shop around a bit, and find out what you will be getting for your money. Get to know exactly what you need form the firm, and haggle between companies to get the best quote. Make sure to check out any online reviews that you can find on these companies, as they can give you a hint as to whether they are trustworthy and worth parting with your money for! While you should use these reviews as a guideline, remember that some companies will likely enter their own reviews, so be wary of glowing recommendations, they are much less informative than negative reports.

Get a good idea as to what you will need to take, and what will need to be thrown out, and start the process a good time in advance of the move. Allowing yourself some time to get the enormous job done will make the whole thing a lot less stressful, and reduce the amount of hysteria that goes on as the big day draws closer. Have a yard sale, or go to a car boot with all of your junk that you think you may get some money for, and sell everything at as low a price as you can manage, that way you should get rid of everything and save money and time in the packing and moving process. The last thing you need is to find a space for all of your unnecessary stuff in the new house!

Visit the new place a while before the move day to get to know how inhabitable it will be; checking out the loft insulation and boiler will ensure that you don’t have to do any major works once you have everything in place. You will likely have done a survey of the place, but that will potentially exclude the electrical appliances, so have a professional have a look at everything before the move, to avoid any shocks. Imagine if you had no fridge or washing machine for the first couple of days in the new house!

Get your electricity, gas and water company to move your account over to the new property on the day of the move so that you are set up immediately as you arrive, for that all important switching on of the kettle for your first cuppa in your lovely new home!

We wish you all the luck in the world!

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