LS2 Man And Van - Move Only What You Will Really Need

LS2 Man And Van - Move Only What You Will Really Need

05 September 2014

The easiest way to overwork yourself while you are preforming an LS2 removal is to have to pack things that you do not need. Getting rid of your clutter will greatly improve the rate at which you can get things done, and will mean that you don’t have to work through everything at the new house, as you will only be dealing with items that you really want to be there when you move in. This is the perfect way to both reduce the amount of work that you need to do to make the move efficient and to make a little cash, as one of the easiest ways in which to get rid of your unwanted stuff is to sell it on, either online or at a car boot type sale. We’ll run you through a few hints and tips, as well as things to think about when you are getting rid all of your unwanted items, ready to get your LS2 man and van service underway!

To start with, you can use the traffic light system, where you put things into piles, or place stickers on each item, according to whether you think you should keep, throw, or sell certain things. When throwing something away, you needn’t put it in the bin, it merely means that you will pass it straight on, without taking time to get its worth back, by giving it to charity or recycling it for example. Selling things can make you some money, but the time that it takes to get an auction listed online, with photos and details can be quite a lot, so be sure to weigh up the potential returns with the amount of work that you need to do to achieve them.

A car boot sale can be a quicker and easier way of getting rid of high volumes of things, especially if you price everything low, as this will mean that you get rid of quite a lot in a relatively short period of time, just make sure that you do not get sucked in to looking at other people’s items for sale, as you may end up going home with more than you left with, and we don’t mean money! Giving your things to charity is another quicker way of getting rid of things, that is also for a good cause, which is always a great thing to do. Getting cash for your more worthwhile items is normally the best way to go, and then donating the rest can make a charity’s day, especially if you have quite a lot!

Be sure to be pretty diligent with yourself, as it is very easy to get attached to things that you may hardly ever use, especially if it was once quite expensive. We’re not saying that everyone is a hoarder, but there are strange forces at work when it comes to throwing away things that we do not deem waste in themselves. Being savage can be difficult, but it must be done, otherwise the move will be a lot more work, as you try to lug all of your junk from house to house. Making your LS2 removal less heavy with clutter will mean that you spend less on removals men as well, so consider the financial implications of your clear out before you start.

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